Interfacing to 1-Wire LAN, especially Dallas temperature sensors?

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Jun 7 03:08:00 CEST 2002

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Brad Clements wrote:
> >
> > There is a technique where you can use a UART at some whacky baud rate and
> > bits/byte setting to communicate. There's an APPNOTE somewhere, I don't have
> > it handy.
> If someone can dig that out (I searched before and couldn't find it
> in all the noise) I'd appreciate it.  I would also be happy to try
> to implement it under Python, since we'd have some uses for such a
> beast.
> (But I still don't believe it can be done reliably.  Maybe I'm wrong.
> Would be cool.)

I stand corrected, by private email.  And now by Dave Moor's posting
elsewhere in the thread.  Sometimes it's _good_ to be wrong. :)


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