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>> Also be aware that the early code examples aren't intended as models,
>> just as teaching tools -- you don't hit the really useful stuff till
>> page 48. And the format makes it tough to flip back and forth (not to
>> mention, tiny amounts of information per page drives me nuts, but
>> perhaps that's just me) -- and at 84 pages, I'm not going to print it
>> out to take it downstairs to an armchair and mark it up, which is what
>> I want to do.  And skimming for what you don't know already is
>> impossible.

A> <sigh>  Yeah, I know.  Last summer, I was negotiating with O'Reilly to
A> write a whole book on the subject (their idea).  Last November, they
A> canned the project.  I haven't had the time/energy to rewrite the slides
A> into a real tutorial, and I'm working on a completely different book now.

I hate those old projects.  But in this case, just having an
all-on-one page version in smaller fonts would help a lot.  

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