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Sat Jun 22 18:01:01 CEST 2002

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> A few weeks ago I complaint here that Python on Windows XP sucks. I had
> a problem which would took theoretically about 1.5 hours; but in reality
> it takes 6 hours on Windows XP and Python 2.2. After that 6 hours I must
> reboot my system in order to work on.

So, memory is leaking away somewhere...

> In the following I got the advice to install a real user system on my
> laptop. Okay, I bought Linux SuSE 8.0 and installed it on my laptop (256
> MB RAM, 1000 MHz Celeron). I also installed Python 2.2 (the ActivePython
> version, otherwise I couldn't install idle due to the annoying
> "free_software_garbage_2_weeks_installation_nightmare").

If you think the software others have spent time to develop for you to use
as you please is "garbage" then why do you still use it and even whine about
it to boot?

I have no problem whatever installing the standard Python 2.2.x installs on
ANY flavour of windows - even my win2k corporate install with restricted
access is dealt with nicely by the install! I doubt many others had is about as easy as it possible gets.

> My conclusion: I will rewrite my simulation in Fortran 90 and will
> abadon Python. Python is maybe good for some small scripts but not
> appropiate for serious programming.

*My conclusion: Lets look for Common Factors here: Python builds are
*different* on Linux and WinXP, GUI's are *different*, in fact the common
factors are YOU and YOUR Program....which leads me to believe that you have
made a mistake, in your code.

> Thank you Billy Boy for a forgiving user system Windows XP which in turn
> relieves Python's "wreak havoc" behavior.

Then write your software for MSC++ or C# - it is fine by me.

> I cannot believe that Linux is responsible for Python's ill behavior
> under Linux. Before you start ranting about note the following: In a
> first step it has nothing to do with my programming style (admittedly
> not very good and famous) it has to do that the same calculation cannot
> be performed on Linux and Python 2.2!

I think it has something to do with your coding style and everything to do
with your attitude - you are using tools, which are working well for
thousands of developers, yet when they do not work for you, it is the fault
of the tool and not because you are doing something wrong! It is the
hallmark of the neophyte programmer to consider oneself capable of *knowing*
that ones code is flawless.

Do you also blame the hammer, when you hit your thumb rather than the nail?

Then you come out and slag off the very people who might be able to help,
had you bothered to post a proper description of the problem, perhaps with
some sample code, thus ensuring that nobody will care at all whether it
really is a bug within Python, or not, just as long as it only affects your

My bet is that once you cool off and sits down with some debugging tools
like GDB, Boundschecker or Electric Fence you will indeed find the
programming error and fix it.

My bet is also that you will not tell anyone either.

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