Version strings in executable created by Py2exe

Robert L. Oelschlaeger roelsch at
Tue Jun 4 16:44:58 EDT 2002

"Jimmy Retzlaff" <jimmy at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1023145033.32074.python-list at>...
> Probing a little deeper, it appears as if either - or   should work.
> From the part of distutils which parses setup.cfg:
> opt = string.replace(opt, '-', ' ')
> Here is a part of my setup.cfg (of course the word-wrapping is not in
> the file):
> Jimmy

The problem was with the static name of the configuration
file: setup.cfg.

I am building several applications in the same directory
(e.g., demo4, demo5) and have created separate
demo4_setup.cfg and demo5_setup.cfg files (and corresponding and files). These .cfg files
were not being used.

The problem has been sidestepped by having the makefile copy
the proper demo<x>_setup.cfg to setup.cfg, generating the
demo<x>.exe file, and then deleting setup.cfg.

Thanks for the help.


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