The email package and KLEZ mails

Kragen Sitaker kragen at
Sat Jun 1 02:17:33 EDT 2002

pinard at (François Pinard) writes:
> For example, I expect compilers to raise diagnostics and help me at being
> strict, because being overly liberal for a compiler is just not helpful.
> Another example, a sad one, is the messy state of HTML all around us,
> it comes from browsers having been by far too liberal, and for too long.

If you had designed the early web browsers, the web never would have
caught on, as indeed many other networked hypertext systems predating
the Web did not; being liberal in what you accept is a crucial
principle in building decentralized systems, and its embodiment in the
Web made the Web possible.

Having "bad HTML" warnings is, of course, extremely helpful.  It makes
it possible to be conservative in what you send.

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