PythonWin Problem!

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Fri Jun 14 00:38:13 EDT 2002

Ethan wrote:
> I have been using ActiveState's port of Python for a while. PythonWin
> has been very helpful. Since a couple of days PythonWin developed a
> problem. When I start it, it appears in the taskbar and tray but does
> not appear on the screen.
> My Win98 did recently develop a problem which prevents me from getting
> the right click menu on the taskbar entries. This was secondary to
> some registry cleaning I did. I am not sure if this is related to
> Pythonwin problem but all others apps are working fine. I do get the
> menu for the tray icon and the "Close Program" window does not say
> "not responding"
> I uninstalled Python - deleted the Python21 folder and reinstalled. It
> did not help. Any suggestions? I really prefer PythonWin over IDLE.

Pythonwin has probably somehow remembered it's screen location as off 
the screen.

Try deleting the "HKLM\Software\Python 2.1\Python for Win32" key from 
the registry, and it should come back.

Alternatively, from the task-bar select "Move", then use the arrow keys 
to try and bring it back on screen (presumably with the "Left" and "Up" 


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