Program mysteriously STOPS (Solved)!

LJD ljd at
Sun Jun 9 18:11:18 CEST 2002

Thank you to all those who responded!

The problem seemed to be that I was writing output to the console.  When the 
program ran after I started it from a console session it worked fine 
because there was a place for the ouput to go.

When I started the program from a startup script, the program would run, but 
I noticed I never saw any console output.  Apparently, this output built up 
somewhere and eventually caused the program to stop.

Once I took the PRINT statement out of the code, the program started via 
startup script and ran without quitting.

I am very new to Linux and Python, so I am only surmising that this is what 
happened.  All I know is the program now runs "forever" just like I wanted!

Thanks again!!!


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