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> > Rhymes wrote:
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> > > Is there any possibility to build up a _real_ private attribute?
> > > Such as C++ private data members...
> >
> > You realize that it's quite possible to get at private data members
> > in C++, don't you?
> I can't help feeling this is overly dismissive!
> Yes, of course one can circumvent private in C++. But for me the main
> of the public and private specifiers is that they _document_ to the
> of the class what it should access and what it should not.
> I don't -- in my admittedly very limited experience -- find Python
> as immediately self-documenting. It's not obvious from the class
> what is intended to be called or modfied by the client and what is
> to the implementation.
> I suspect I'm still in the crossover period from strictly declarative
> and the "anything goes" Pythonic way and that, given time, I'll find
> groove and feel comfortable.
> > This has been discussed about 479 times in the last decade.
> I'll bet. I'll shut up about it now.
> James

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