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Дамјан Г. пенгуиниста at маил?=.=?iso-8859-5?Q?нет?=.=?iso-8859-5?Q?мк
Fri Mar 29 16:51:52 CET 2002

> I'm having some unpleasant malloc/free problems at
> exit (sys.exit).  We have running software based
> currently on 1.5.2.  We're compiling on Linux with gcc
> 3.0.3 (on Solaris we were using Sun's compiler, not
> gcc, I think).
> Unfortunately I have a 3rd party module I'm linking with 
> python that is rather ancient.  We first got it when using
> python 1.3, we "ported" it to 1.5.2, and I can't quite

If this module is some kind of binary, perhaps the problem is in
the interaction between this module and gcc 3.0 or glibc.


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