Problem with cgitb

Skip Montanaro skip at
Fri Mar 8 00:33:08 CET 2002

    Ken> Unfortunately cgitb has a problem when some of the data it outputs
    Ken> includes HTML, since it does not escape the appropriate bits and so
    Ken> the browser gets very upset.

    >> Can you post a bit of the fractured HTML it generates?  

    Ken> I'm reluctant to send attachments to the list, and I'm not sure the
    Ken> problem is clear unless you see a complete example.  If anyone
    Ken> would like to see an example I will happily email you a 5K tarball
    Ken> with an example, just send me some email.

Ken sent me an example.  I tracked the problem down to a version-related bug
in  If anyone needs the fix either browse v. 1.58 of pydoc on the
CVS repository or send me a note.

Skip Montanaro (skip at -

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