Get reference to "owner"

Robert Oschler Oschler at
Tue Mar 5 17:04:20 CET 2002

You're being generous by saying "we", I merely asked the question, it was
your solution.  Seeing as you used the word "baby" already a simple name
would be the GetParent pattern.

Gerhard Häring <gerhard at> wrote in message
news:3C84E34B.1010009 at
> Robert Oschler wrote:
> > Gerhard,
> >
> > Excellent!!!  Never expected to find a language that could do this and
> > something I've wanted very badly for a long time.  Yes that's exactly
what I
> > meant.  B knows about the A that owns it without having to artificially
> > a reference of A to B during construction.
> So, if we're really the first ones to invent and implement this pattern,
> how do we name the baby?
> The Borg name seems to be already taken ;-)
> Gerhard

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