Good book on Python?

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Sat Mar 16 01:07:40 CET 2002

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>>1) "Learning Python" --Mark Lutz & David Ascher
>>     Little old (covers Python1.5.2), but excellent for a begginer
>>2) "Core Python Programming" --Wesley J.Chun
>>     Details the core Python fundamentals and much more
>>3) And of course the Python tutorial
>>4)"How to think like a computer scientist in Python
>Thank you.
>I downloaded number 4.
>However, it is in a strange form (Tex) for a windows user.
>Is it any use to me in that form?
>And can it be obtained in any other form?
>(It does look good.)

Tex is a markup language especially designed to compose scientifical
articles (mathematics, physics), it is not supposed to be viewed

I have that book in postscript format. And I think it is pretty good. I
can send it to you, if you can't find it.

Gonçalo Rodrigues

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