Python daemon instead of CGI programs

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Thu Mar 7 18:21:20 CET 2002

In article <7x7kope1n9.fsf at>, Paul Rubin wrote:
> writeson at (Doug Farrell) writes:
>> What do you think of this idea? Am I completely off base and missing
>> some other obvious solution?
> It's a sound idea, but there's already a FastCGI protocol that amounts
> to the same thing and is used for the same reasons.  Someone has
> almost certainly already implemented FastCGI servers in Python.

We used the Apache mod_fastcgi for our site, and found it to be buggy
and unreliable, occasionally going catatonic, possibly due to a
deadlock of some sort in its process management code.  Neil wrote a
much simpler Apache module, mod_scgi, that just forwards the request
data to a server listening on a given port, and starting the server is
left up to you, so you can add an /etc/init.d script or whatever you

Unfortunately we haven't wrapped up mod_scgi for release yet.

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