Why does this work?

Phlip phlip_cpp at my-deja.com
Wed Mar 27 20:08:26 CET 2002

"Terry Reedy" wrote:
> "Phlip" wrote:
> > And we wrap all data members in get/set pairs, so the above would
> have been:
> >
> >         x.setTiles([])
> 'we'?  The wisdom/folly of using get/set pairs is a matter of
> continuing dispute.  Some of us find the extra work and inefficiency
> distastful.

We at my day gig.

We find just >having< a style guideline slightly more important than the
value of any few marginal items in it.

And we like to find ways to cure the "magic member bug". If you can think of
any others, please share.


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