very newbie question

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Thu Mar 7 19:02:18 CET 2002

Probably not saved at all !
Try this in Idle:
menu File - Save as (choose a pretty name ending by .py and click on button
Read status bar if nothing happens !

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> > I've got a script called snakes saved to my c: drive and I want to run
> > it from IDLE. By when I do file open and run script, I get an invalid
> > syntax message. Likewise if I write the script in IDLE and hit "run
> > script" it get a message saying that says "the buffer for Python Shell
> > is not saved. Please save it first." Soooo. With all that being said.
> > How do I save a script and then get python to execute it from IDLE(and
> > where in the documentation is this?)
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> It's not clear why you want to run your program from IDLE, you mite want
> just run it with phython (ie 'c:\Python22\python' (you could
> to rename the filename to *.py)).
> Tom Babbitt

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