PEP262 - database of installed packages

Thomas Heller theller at
Mon Mar 25 17:06:45 CET 2002

> >>           * XXX do we need to store permissions?  The owner/group?
> >> +         THE: no, not on windows.
> >
> > Really?  Even on Windows, couldn't files be potentially owned by
> > Administrator or some other user.  We should definitely have
> > permissions and owner/group on Unix; can you tell me what Windows
> > needs here?  (I assume MacOS X would be the same as Unix, and earlier
> > MacOS versions aren't multi-user, so they don't need anything.)
> On Windows systems all files on an NTFS partition have an owner and access
> control lists. The command "DIR /Q" displays the owner of each file, or you
> can add a column to the explorer view. By default I think each file is
> owned by the owner of the directory in which they are created
> (BUILTIN\Administrators for just about everything). My laptop also has a
> FAT partition. It seems that files on that are owned by 'Everyone'. :-(

All true. On the other hand, Python has no possibility to display
or change the owner and access control lists (except if you do some
hardcore win32 programming).


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