Converting relative URLs to absolute

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Mar 18 11:59:49 CET 2002

<brueckd at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1016224116.19523.python-list at>...
> Rather than add a new module, why not add more functionality to the
> urlparse module in the standard distribution? (what functionality do you
> need beyond what's already there, anyway?)

I wouldn't want to add a new module - it's most interesting to tidy up
what's already there, adding better "split" functions to urllib (and
urllib2), and adding some "join" functions too. I certainly wouldn't
advocate adding a huge dependency on some other library, even though
some interesting candidates exist.

Such improvements are applicable to other Internet modules in the
standard library, too - nntplib might be a good low-level vehicle for
accessing news servers, but just about anyone who is likely to be
using NNTP is going to be wrapping calls to that module inside
meaningful abstractions.


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