Can't seem to get it right: Win NT registry save and load

logistix logstx at
Sun Mar 3 21:16:06 CET 2002

Yeah, to do that in Python, you need to use RegOpenKey, and then crawl
through the keys and values with RegEnumKeyEx and RegEnumValue and then
Recursively crawl through all the subkeys you grabbed from RegEnumKeyEx

or (the easier, but not totally pythonic way):

distribute reg.exe with the source and use:
    os.popen("REG /EXPORT HKLM\Software\Classes filename.reg") # to make reg
    os.popen("REG /IMPORT filename.reg") # to apply to other machines.

"Matthias Janes" <matthias_j at> wrote in message
news:d7d5ebdf.0203030726.49e10001 at
> Thank's alot - you pushed me in the right way - I actually do not
> realy need to save whole hiv but just a few keys.
> Thanks - I thought this could work somehow like regedit's export
> import feature
> but properly it's not realy what I need.

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