wxPython seg faults under RH7.2

Grant Edwards grante at visi.com
Sat Mar 9 06:29:01 CET 2002

I can not get wxPython to work on a RH7.2 system.

I have gtk 1.2.10 and  wxGTK installed. Gtk came with
RH7.2 and wxGTK was installed from binary RPMs downloaded from

I built and installed wxPython from sources using
Python 2.1.1.  The build/install seemed to work fine, but 
even the most trivial wxPython apps just seg fault.

I next attempted to use SWIG in the wxPython build: I
downloaded SWIG 1.1-883, but the patches that come with
wxPython fail to apply.

Can somebody point me to some documentation that explains how
to get wxPython to work under RH7.2?

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                                  at               is RUINED!!

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