Useful, robust shell utilities

Erno Kuusela erno-news at
Fri Mar 1 14:27:31 CET 2002

In article <F4Kf8.492$Az6.1763 at>, Jonathan Gardner
<jgardn at> writes:

| Is there an effort to make a robust, useful shutil module that has the 
| equivalent of the unix shell utilities?

yes, mostly. (there might be some missing system calls - but they
are covered quite well).

| I think it would be nice to make things like 'grep' even...

| Here is my wish list. [...]

you could use the existing utilities and save the trouble :)

| If there isn't an effort to make this, or if no one has done anything like 
| this yet, I am willing to volunteer some time to do it. It would be really 
| nice if they ended up being compatible with Windows and Macintosh - give 
| them some powerful tools they didn't even know existed!

you can get the real things for windows with cygwin. macintoshes are
natively unix-based these days.

if you decide to go ahead with it, you could look into
<URL:> for ideas and inspiration.

  -- erno

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