[OT} How to un-GPL parts of a GPL'd module.

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> > From: Chris Watson [mailto:opsys at voodooland.net]
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> > > Perhaps you should not be reading the GPL'd code in the
> > > first place.  The GPL is a quid-pro-quo agreement.  You
> > > get insight into others code, and in exchange you contine
> > > to pass on the knowledge.  If it seems unfair or burdensome
> > > to benefit others in the same way you were benefited then
> > > keep your eyes on your own paper.
> >
> > I love the GNU "Play by my rules or i'm taking my toys and
> > going home" attitude. It's so beneficial to humanity.  If it
> > was about passing on knowledge it would be in the public domain
> > commons for the benefit of man. As someone stated earlier the
> > GPL is a political statement. And we all know where politics
> > get us.
> >
> > Chris
> >
> Well, there *is* the problem of corporations trying to take
> technology which isn't theirs and gaining zillions off it,
> and then burying said technology so other's won't benefit
> from it.  It's happened with plenty of BSD technology which
> ended up in NT, and then became patented by M$ (IIRC).
Since the BSD technology was published, any patents issued to Microsoft
which use the same technology are invalidated by the existence of "prior
art". A lot of the problems with software patents seem to arise because the
examiners simply aren't familiar enough with the existing state of software

> Then you see plenty of other technologies which *were* public
> domain, or at least didn't have any heavy licensing (or rather,
> *formal* licensing) behind them, and then they were copied
> by some opportunist and subsequently patented, resulting in
> the net loss of said tech.  Take a look at the IRC robot
> fiasco going on.
But ultimately the current intellectual landgrab is making it clear that
patents are unfair primarily because the system behind them now clearly
operates to the benefit of wealthy organizations, such as corporations and
research institutes. The individual inventor no longer sees a level playing

> So there actually *is* a need for the GPL, to help keep things
> fair; it's no fun to be inventing stuff and then setting it free,
> if there's others with no notion of playing fairly taking all,
> making zillions, and shutting others out.  There's countless
> evidence of it going on every day, you just need take a look
> and read around.
> Good luck on your search.
The OP's real mistake, as has already been pointed out, was reading GPL'd
code when he doesn't agree with, or want to abide by, the GPL.

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