Report writer for Python?

Adams-Blake Co. aremovethiscanton at
Thu Oct 17 07:17:11 CEST 2002

Andy Dent wrote:

> In article <3da9cd1d at>, "Adams-Blake Co."
> <aremovethiscanton at> wrote:
>>I'm looking for an IDE similar to Crystal that
>>will help me to quickly layout the reports and which will interface with a
>>binary or a library or a whatever to allow me to feed the module an SQL
>>string and the module or library takes it from there to output the report
> The OOFILE report-writer was initially developed for a cross-platform
> project to replace Crystal. One of the requirements was to make
> maintenance easier for the developers - they had 150 templates in Crystal
> and were sick of fiddling with them.
> Based on a chapter in an an old favourite of mine "Programmers at Work" I
> decided that whilst a reportwriter can allow you to exactly specify
> layout, it should be able to produce reasonable results with no layout
> specification or with minor hints, by knowing the data types and working
> out relative column widths accordingly.
> Thanks for the feedback.

This is interesting but I didn't see a Python interface. Besides, all I 
need is a report generator (perhaps from SQL) and not a database. I plan to 
either Postgres or MySql.


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