building 2.2.2, g++ Dec Unix 4.0G

Michael Hudson mwh at
Tue Oct 22 18:37:18 CEST 2002

dave at (Dave Rasmussen) writes:

> I was wondering if anyone else has built python on DEC Alpha boxes and had
> a fix for me below. We have a 1.5* version here. I don't know python but my
> site wanted to try mailman. I have this icky feeling that our g++ probably
> also needs updating.

Well, it /looks/ like the compiler is choking on system header files.
There's not a lot I can suggest to do about that... making sure your
cc installation is good, looking to see exactly where/why it was

I think I managed to build 2.2.1 on one of Compaq's testdrive
machines, so you should have some chance.


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