No tabs in post PLEASE!!! (was Re: partial list sort)

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Thu Oct 10 18:32:30 CEST 2002

> From: Daniel T. [mailto:a at b.c]
> Nicola Musatti <Nicola.Musatti at> wrote:
> > Daniel T. wrote:
> > 
> > > I agree with you that if someone wants maximum coverage, 
> > > they should work with the lowest common denominator, but
> > > I don't think those who use systems that can't even handle
> > > the ASCII character set should be imploring the rest of us
> > > to conform to their handicapped system.
> > 
> > You don't need a "handicapped system" to be hinderd by tabs 
> > in email.  It's enough to have a reader that prepends '> '
> > to quoted text.

> Maybe you need a reader that handles tabs correctly...

Actually the program *is* handling tabs correctly. Take these

(tabs are represented by "_______|" to exemplify).

--- Sender wrote this code ---
class SomeClass(...):
_______|"""SomeClass(...) -> instance
_______|   This class does some nifty stuff.
_______|def __init__(self, *args, **kw):
_______|_______|# Call superclasses.
_______|_______|SomeRootClass.__init__(self, ...)
_______|_______|# Do Some Stuff.
_______|_______|self.XXX = "pron"

> > And *everyone* that posts on Usenet wants maximum coverage.
> That is not true. Those who are asking for help or advice may 
> very well be wanting maximum coverage. Those who are despensing
> the advice may not really care.
> Again, if this was the case of someone wanting to know why their post 
> was ignored, and others were saying "I ignored it because the tabs 
> messed things up." I would have no problem. But when it's the 
> case of a few people telling everyone else, "I can't read your
> messages because you put tabs in them, please don't do that so
> I can read your messages."  Then I have to say Boo hoo, either
> get a program that can handle tabs, or don't bother reading those
> messages.
> It's not like tabs were some new fangled thing that no one 
> ever heard of before. They've been around since the rest of the
> ASCII character set has.
> -- 

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