XML Library from "XML Processing with Python"

Gerhard Häring haering_python at gmx.de
Sun Oct 20 20:42:16 CEST 2002

* Will Ganz <wganz at texoma.net> [2004-10-03 20:38 -0500]:
> The book "XML Processing with Python" comes with a companion CD that has
> several programs on it for Python 1.5.2.  I have ActivePython 2.2.1
> installed on a W2K machine. Is installing "xmln.exe", "xmlv.exe", "Mark
> Hammond's Win32 extensions", and "Python XML library from XML-SIG" a GOOD
> THING? Or will I thoroughly hose my Python 2.2.1 install?

Python 1.5.2 stuff won't work with Python 2.2.x. But I beleive the
author still maintains his utilities, so you might browse his homepage
for updated versions, that might work with Python 2.2.x. Alternatively,
just install 1.5.2. But 1.5.2 didn't even have Unicode strings, so I
don't know how useful it might be in the XML context.

> I am just converting over from that other "P" scripting language and
> am having to do a crash course on how to handle XML. Is this book
> still a good reference or is it too dated already? (I got it at the
> $4.99each discount store so I didn't lose that much if it is already
> an antique).

I bought it very cheaply too and didn't like it at all.

I've mostly only done DOM, and DOM is the same, no matter which language
you use, so I mostly browsed the web for Java examples, if I couldn't
find one for Python. Worked ok so far, YMMV.

Btw. there's another Python/XML book, which is much newer:

-- Gerhard

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