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On Thu, 10 Oct 2002, Steve Holden wrote:

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>> Well, after pulling nearly all of my hair out, I finally have the answer:
>> The build process must use internal python directives which reference
>> "python" and not "python2.2" or whatever version you have installed. So I
>> have python1.5, 2, and 2.2 installed on my RH7.3 system. But "python" is a
>> cp of "python1.5".
>> And it does not matter that you build with the correct version (i.e.
>> python2.2 build).
>> So the trick is to rename your current distribution (in my case
>> a.k.a "python2.2.1") to "python". And it all comes together.

There is no need to rename python when using Distutils. It's enough
to specify python in the .pydistutils.cfg file (or setup.cfg),


and then run

python2 bdist_rpm


I had another problem with Distutils (or rpm?) though.
By default it uses privileges 0500 directories 
to be installed into site-packages... The same problem
with some Perl packages. (Maybe it's a matter of
umask of root).

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