Python-based browser plugins?

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Thu Oct 31 21:31:14 CET 2002

31.10.2002 ã., 16:48:41, Paul Boddie wrote:

PB> Terry Hancock <hancock at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1036047036.2186.python-list at>...
>> Anyway, though -- returning to topic, is a C Python solution unviable?  Your 
>> defending the Java/Jython option suggests maybe you think so (and that was 
>> what I thought before).  I guess I already know the answer here -- but I was 
>> wondering if the challenge would pique anyone's interest, as it would be 
>> interesting to be proved wrong. :-)

PB> An interesting project would be a plug-in for popular browsers based
PB> on Python/Pygame/SDL. The hard part of this would surely be the
PB> integration with the browser, but I can imagine that IE, Mozilla and
PB> Konqueror are all open to this kind of thing.

Allice is python 1.5 based plugin which can do 3D.

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