how to point to right version of python?

shawn Erdil cerdil at
Tue Oct 29 18:38:05 CET 2002

i  want  to  install  the  new  mailman  2.1b4  version,  but  the  configure  command  cannot  find  the  required  2.1  python  interpreter, 

i  have  installed  the  2.1  version  of python  from  an  rpm,  it  s  there  in  usr/bin/python  but  my  systems  sees  the  version  1.5  as  the  default  interpreter .the  older  version  of  ma,ilman  works  fine with  python  1.5

what  can  i  do ?
should i  uninstall  the  python  1.5 version?
rename  the  2.1 version?
show  the correct path on  the  configure  script?

thank  you

shawn  Erdil.

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