Boa Constructor and CVS question

Jeremy Bowers newsfroups at
Sun Oct 6 03:01:34 CEST 2002

On Sat, 05 Oct 2002 18:55:27 +0000, Conrad Schneiker wrote:
> You can  argue (correctly) that in my case I shouldn't be so lazy, but my
> ultimate aim is to lower the access barriers (as it were) to good Python
> stuff, as much as possible, for everyone.

Without speaking for anybody, certainly not the Boa project in particular,
you may find that many people are not *interested* in lowering the barrier
to access cvs repositories. There's a certain danger in checking things
out from the latest version, both in the sense it might not work and in
the machine-breaking sense. The current difficulty level of cvs checkout
filters out a lot of people who would just be trouble. ;-), but I'm
serious too.

What you really need to do is either A: Convince them to release a real
release, or B: Do it yourself, as a stop-gap until they release an
"official" version. If you're willing to stand behind the release and
possibly update it a bit to get rid of the outrageous bugs, they may even
*make* it official. Often developers just haven't made a release because
they're too busy making new stuff. (Again, I'm not speaking on behalf of
any particular project here.)

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