wxPython TreeCtrl bug ?

Nilesh Agarwalla nilesh at smalcamera.com
Thu Oct 31 23:49:14 CET 2002

"Uwe C. Schroeder" <uwe at oss4u.com> wrote in message news:<uq0lge5hhghucd at corp.supernews.com>...
> Hi,
> I'm using the current development versions of wx*
> You can even use the demo code to test this. Obviously the wxTreeCtrl
> doesn't handle/emit/whatever all events anymore. EVT_TREE_SEL_CHANGED as 
> well as EVT_TREE_SEL_CHANGING are processed correctly under Linux, however 
> they don't show up under MSW. 
> My MSW is a 98 with the common controls upgraded.
> Versions are identical (both Linux and MSW as of yesterday on wxwindows.org 
> and wxpython.org)
> Anyone else having this problem under MSW ?
>         UC

Hi Uwe,

I too am having the problem on Windows 98 machines.  The error does
not seem to occur on Windows 2000/XP.  The previous version of
wxWindows I used (about 8 months old) worked fine.  I'm trying to
trace when the bug was introduced.  Let me know if you have any luck.

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