Python code examples that _generate_ HTML/XML?

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Alle 22:29, giovedì 17 ottobre 2002, hai scritto:
> I'm creating an app for use in-house, that will assist a user (complete
> novice) in creating web pages.  So after they complete a session I will
> need to take their "instructions" and generate the items necessary to
> display the desired pages in a browser.  Therefore I'll be creating the
> HTML/XML tags and code dynamically for things like list boxes, buttons,
> hrefs, graphics, etc.  Has anybody seen any code samples or URL's for such
> that show how to do this in Python?  Are there parts of the Zope source
> code that might be helpful to look at, if so what 'py' files?
> thx

Robert, if you just have to generate HTML tags (code) from within a Python 
program, you can take advantage of the HTMLGen library by Robin 
Friedrichs. You can find it at:


That is not the only one: I think you can find a large collection of tools 
like HTMLGen at the "Vaults of Parnassus "web site (see the python main web 
site fot the link) and at other python-devoted sites on the web. Try "HTML" 
and "Python" from Google or Yahoo, as well.

Of course, you can just print HTML code to the standard output, or any other 
file, with a simple "print" instruction, as well.

For example:
print "<h1>My Title</h1>"


content = "The world"
initag = "<h1>"
endtag = "</h1>"
output = initag + content + " is not enough "+endtag
print output

(check the python manual for the characters of your text and of your tags 
that need to be backslashed prior of printing, most likely "\", "/" and "<", 
">" )

Alessandro Bottoni

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