How do I invoke IE browser from Python on Mac OS X?

Jaqui jaqui at
Mon Oct 21 21:39:20 CEST 2002

Skip Montanaro wrote:
>     >> I suspect perhaps there's something special about URLs so that they
>     >> are only opened with the default browser.
>     jaqui> that isn't really a bad thing. I could not run the script you are
>     jaqui> working on if it requires ie, not available on linux.(besides my
>     jaqui> not liking ie and not wanting it on my comp ) default browser is
>     jaqui> a more portable solution than requiring a specific browser
> Yes, but the OP's question asked specifically how to launch IE on MacOSX
> from Python viewing a particular URL.  I don't use IE much either.  I only
> retain it for when some website I visit doesn't like Opera (or when the
> current Opera 6.0 beta1 version I'm using bugs out on me).

true, which is why I only made the comment when you mentioned the 
default browser with urls issue. ~g~
I just think it is bad coding to rely on a specific proprietary app that 
doesn't support all os options if you want to make use of python's 

had someone asking in a forum about the appearance of his frameset page.
my view raised an issue for him, I only got the sources, not the view.
and I noticed that he had coded the frames by pixel size not by percentages.
he completely rebuilt his page to make it work for all viewers. it had 
upset him that I got the code insted of the page. ~g~ he felt it was an 
error in his coding. ( which it was, but how many people use mozilla 
with no javascript?) ;)

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