Python-mysql: Still stuck.

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Wed Oct 9 14:21:31 CEST 2002

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> mongo57a at wrote:
> > Having (still) a problem getting MySQL and Python to work (MySQLdb), and
> > I'm running out of hair to pull out.
> I'm also finding it alarmingly hard to get on top of this.
I have, in the past, spent some time tearing my hair out to get the client
side of MySQL to compile on its own under Cygwin. I even asked for help from
the MySQL implementors, but nothing came of that. There appeared to be some
minor nits in the coding which made it hard for me to understand, but I'm
not a C programmer.

The position on Unix appears to depend on having the client-side libraries
available. It really does seem quite bizarre that running under Python 2.2
the distutils are installing under 1.5. This sounds like a Red Hat
installation: do any of the Python files contain a "#!/usr/bin/python" or
similar which cause them to be executed under 1.5?

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