Decimal arithmatic, was Re: Python GUI app to impress the bos s?

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> sismex01 at wrote:
> >"Integer arithmetic" != "32-bit integer arithmetic".
> >
> I never said it was.  I made a true assertion about "normal integers,"
> meaning the native machine word size on most machines.
> >Python longs are memory-limited, yet they
> >are also based on machine integers.  Does that make them
> >unsuitable?
> >
> I know.  I never said they weren't.
> But Steve said "integers' NOT "Python longs" and my only point was that
> Steve's original suggestion (as stated) was not practical with most
> machine's native integers.
I never said that, as I have already pointed out. It was Outlook Express'
weird quoting, which in that post I failed to correct, that made it look
like me.

Be that as it may, if that was your only point you'd do well to stop
hammering it now everyone's heard you.

> And I'll add that if you're going to consider Longs you may as well go
> with FixedPoint and do it "right".  ;o)
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