Amazon review (was Re: Love "Python Cookbook")

Michael Hudson mwh at
Mon Oct 14 13:42:14 CEST 2002

"Thorsten Roskowetz" <rossi at> writes:

> Matthias Huening <mhuening at> wrote:
> > By the way: Amazon has just reduced the price of the Cookbook
> > (EUR 48,12 > EUR 36,10 / $39.95  > $27.97).
> Considering that as of today a EUR is $0,9876 its quite a
> difference in pricing - is this all due to taxes?

At least in Britain, we don't pay VAT (sales tax) on books.

(The amount more I would have spent on books in the last copule of
years if we did is, frankly, terrifying).


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