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François Pinard pinard at
Tue Oct 15 21:49:02 CEST 2002

[Ingo Linkweiler]

> The download-link to (
> ist down since several days.

Oh, I did not use free time to look at that site in a good while.  Should
find some.  In any case, the `xpot' utility has not been revised to account
for Unicode in Python, so for many applications, it might not be usable.

> What do I need to edit the ".mo" files?

`.mo' files are created by the `msgfmt' utility (part of the GNU `gettext'
distribution) out of `.po' files, and those are edited by users.  In case
you are an Emacs user, I once wrote an Emacs mode for editing such PO files.
That mode is now distributed with GNU `gettext' and maintained by Bruno
Haible, best is to disregard the copy in `po-utils' on the `iro' site above.
I also read, yesterday, that PO mode might become part of standard Emacs --
yet I'm not fully sure it will happen for real, some dislike the idea.

You can also use `vi' to edit PO files, provided you do it with a lot of
attention, as `vi' will not much help you at avoiding errors.  I've heard of
other specialised tools coming out of KDE or Gnome projects, one might guess
they could be comfortable, but I cannot really comment on them, as I did not
try these tools.

François Pinard

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