urlparse incomplete ?

maxm maxm at mxm.dk
Thu Oct 31 12:41:27 CET 2002

I am writing code where I need to convert relative urls to absolute 
urls. For this I use the urlparse module.

First of, urlparse doesn't take care of urls where there is a user and 
password. Shouldn't that be corrected?

Also I have seen absolute urls of the form "//www.wired.com/path". The 
ambiguity here being caused by the "//" instead of "http://".

The rfc is weak in describing if this is a legal url, but the browser 
handles them well and just sets the default scheme to http. So I have to 
handle it.

Naturally urlparse cannot know that the scheme is http, but if this is 
indeed a legal url, shouldn't it be possible to set the default scheme 
when calling urlparse?

regards Max M

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