Love "Python Cookbook"

Alex Martelli aleax at
Wed Oct 2 16:50:31 CEST 2002

Gumuz wrote:

> is this a printed version of the Activestate Python Cookbook or is this
> something different?

It's a _vastly edited_ printed version of recipes from the online
Cookbook, with corrections and updates to the programs, much added
discussion, many additional recipes, AND fourteen chapter intros by
thirteen different authors (Tim Peters did two chapter intros).  I
think the printed version (or the online one on Safari -- same thing,
though I personally prefer paper) has substantial added value wrt
the online one... or I wouldn't have spent about 9 months of my life
as a co-editor helping to make it happen (I'd have been content to
be among the most prolific contributors of recipes to the online one:-).

We had to set a cut-off date to get recipes from the online site
for the book, and of course the site has accumulated many more
recipes since (even though I didn't contribute any more there as
I was too busy with co-editing &c:-).  Thus, both the book and
the site can be now considered to be "added value" wrt each other
in different ways:-).


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