[OT} How to un-GPL parts of a GPL'd module.

Paul Rubin phr-n2002b at NOSPAMnightsong.com
Tue Oct 8 23:10:44 CEST 2002

anton at vredegoor.doge.nl (Anton Vredegoor) writes:
> how can I use a class or a function from a GLP'd module (cut-and-paste
> style) in a module with BSD or public domain style release?

Release the modified BSD-licensed module under the GPL.  The BSD license
allows you to do that.

> I guess I could e-mail the author for permission but if I would have
> to wait for them to answer, it would slow my coding process down to a
> snail's pace, and there's always the possibility of the author being
> unwilling. 

Correct.  Also, if there are multiple contributors, you have to get
permission from all of them.

> So that's not an option for me. I would rather rethink the problem and
> start writing a new script.

That is the correct thing to do if you can't or won't release the
combined result under the GPL.

> But here's where the problem begins. Having seen the algorithm it's
> almost impossible for me to forget it and write code as if I had never
> seen it. On the other hand, is it enough to just cut and paste, change
> maybe a few variable names, credit the author for the original concept
> in the sourcode, send some email to inform the author and go on with
> life?


> I know a lot of people rely on writing sourcecode for a living but I
> have been unemployed as a programmer for so long know that the concept
> of owning sourcecode or getting payed for producing it is completely
> alien to me. I think I'll be writing free sourcecode till I die just
> hoping some pieces of my code will survive into eternity. 

Me too, which is why I GPL the free code that I write.  I want the
source code to be available to all users.  It is not up to anyone else
to substitute their decision for mine in that matter.  If someone
takes GPL code that I wrote and re-licenses it without my permission,
I'm going to have a big problem with it.

At first it sounded like you wanted to use a GPL'd component in a
non-free program.  But now I see you're writing a free program, so why
not use the GPL?

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