Asking a user for the root password and executing root only commands...

Jeremy Bowers newsfroups at
Thu Oct 31 03:49:09 CET 2002

On Wed, 30 Oct 2002 14:02:17 +0000, Axel Vandevenne wrote:
> It does require root access, (the program needs to be able to execute 
> /usr/sbin commands and edit root only files) but I don't want them to open 
> a shell, su, and then open this program in that shell -> and icon on their 
> taskbar should do the trick.
> Also I don't want them to install/configure sudo (as suggested on #python).

Use one of these solutions anyhow, despite your objections. You do not do
the user a favor by trying to hide this *particular* bit of complexity of
running a Linux machine, because it's *critical* to understanding what is
going on in the box.

I understand the impulse to simplify, and usually it's quite laudable, but
this is a significant exception.

Furthermore, you mention in a later reply this is for a Gentoo installer.
This reinforces this point all the more; Gentoo is designed for people who
know what they are doing. While I would love to see a better installer for
it, understanding the importence of the sanctity of the root password is
even MORE critical, and should not be smoothed over by any program.

I would not be surprised that the Gentoo developers, who know their stuff,
would also choke on this and might refuse to include this in the standard
install, no matter how technically good the rest of the program might be,
on this point alone.

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