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from what i remember it's a bit of an odd book: it should be titled "using pyxie (I think that was the name)", which is the authors XML library that converts XML to/from a simplified text format so you can leverage normal text processing tools. There's a review on ibm.com/xml somewhere, which said the library was buggy, I think too you will find some python/xml articles there.

Oreilly python/xml was more conventional: DOM/SAX etc.

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Subject: XML Library from "XML Processing with Python"

> The book "XML Processing with Python" comes with a companion CD that has
> several programs on it for Python 1.5.2.  I have ActivePython 2.2.1
> installed on a W2K machine. Is installing "xmln.exe", "xmlv.exe", "Mark
> Hammond's Win32 extensions", and "Python XML library from XML-SIG" a GOOD
> THING? Or will I thoroughly hose my Python 2.2.1 install?
> I am just converting over from that other "P" scripting language and am
> having to do a crash course on how to handle XML. Is this book still a good
> reference or is it too dated already? (I got it at the $4.99each discount
> store so I didn't lose that much if it is already an antique).
> Thanks,
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