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ed coo_t2 at
Tue Oct 22 05:20:20 CEST 2002

Hey all.  I'm a python newbie, but I have experience
in other very 
high level languages, mainly php.  
I was wondering what is the best way to become
proficient in python 
I'm actually a pretty decent php programmer, so I
don't think I need 
something that spends too much time on the basics(ie
loops and if 
I just need to know how things work in python.

I did do the tutorial that comes with the distro, but 
I need more than that.

Should I get a book, if so which one?  
"Learning python", "programming python", "python
Or can I get pretty much everything I need on the web,
like a lot of 
good tutorials and some good language references?

If I get a book I'd like to get one that works as a
newbie tutorial 
but by the end of the book deals with some advanced
topics and will 
also work somewhat well as a reference.  Is that
asking too much? 

Should I trust the reviews at :) 

Any guidance appreciated.


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