Decimal arithmatic, was Re: Python GUI app to impress the boss?

Grant Edwards grante at
Tue Oct 1 17:22:09 CEST 2002

In article <memo.20021001113235.1724A at a.a>, Mark Charsley wrote:

>> Usually, in the "canned" systems I've seen, those 3 for a 
>> buck deals are supported by allowing three to five decimal
>> places rather than just two for amounts.  Results come out
>> much as you are expecting there.
> The system a previous company wrote said that "if they've bought 3 
> 40p items these give them a discount of 20p".

But, standard practice around here is that the "3 for a dollar"
price is good on quantities of less than three.  (IOW the unit
price is 1/3 dollar).  I have seen instances where you have to
buy 3 to get the discount but IME that's rare.

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