How do I invoke IE browser from Python on Mac OS X?

Erik Max Francis max at
Mon Oct 21 03:28:30 CEST 2002

Paul Jackson wrote:

>     open - open files
>            open [ -a app ] [ -o ] [ -p ] filename ...

I presume this is just a command that can be executed from the shell.

>            You can specify one or more  file  names  (or  pathnames),
>            which  are  interpreted  relative to the Shell or Terminal
>            window's current working directory.  For example, the fol-
>            lowing  command  would open all WriteNow files in the cur-
>            rent working directory:
>                 open *.wn

... if so, this is a curious comment in the man page, since filename
globbing is done by the shell, not the program.

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