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JS wrote ...
> >Threads are created using the underlying mechanism of the host OS, which
> > why you see processes in Linux but not on the other two platforms.
> What exactly is used in the case of Linux?
> > If your program works, I wouldn't worry too much about the
> > in theprocess list, since that's just an artefact of the OS's thread
> > implementation.
> Thats the problem. I have code, thats not proberly running. And its writer
> says, that the problem lies within Linux threads.
> Now I try to figure out, where to start searching ;-)

So when you said "no processes are created" you meant "I don't get threads"?
I'm not sure what the problem is yet, so can't yet do much to help you solve
it! Although you posted the code you didn't say how it failed to run on
which platforms. Your original post said you saw five new processes created
on Linux, and you then imply that the problem lies with Linux. Is this
actually the case or am I misunderstanding?

I think the better fix would be to make sure the Python is correctly
structured. I haven't heard any users complaining that the implementations
cause problems. Have you tried taking a look at Aahz' web site threads

Specifically, I notice you don't use thread.join() to wait for all the
threads you've started to finish, but instead read a line of input. That
might or might not cause problems. As always, the more specific your problem
description is the better the help you will get.

Let's keep this on the newsgroup (that way you'll get help from many rather
than just me). Just Cc: to python-list at python.org for emails.

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