[ANN] FixedPoint with selectable rounding

dougfort dougfort at dougfort.net
Wed Oct 9 00:09:23 CEST 2002

FixedPoint release 0.1.0

This is the second SourceForge release for Tim Peters' FixedPoint math object.

What's New

The main new feature is settable rounding. 

You can select which rounding algorithm FixedPoint uses by assigning 
a bound function to FixedPoint.RoundingAlgorithm. 

Take a look at examples/roundingsample.py to see various forms of rounding.

Joe has redone the LaTex documentation to add an excellent description of
rounding. There's a link to the HTML rendering at the project website.

We also modernized the code a little. 
    - FixedPoint now derives from 'object', making it a 'new' class. 
    - FixedPoint's member variables are now in __slots__.
    - precision is now a property, allowing you to uses expression like
        f.precision -= 1
        (note that get_precision/set_precision are unchanged, so this 
           shouldn't break anything) 

What's Next

This release concludes our planned changes to FixedPoint. 
We're going to sit back and watch for bug reports and feature 
requests, but we won't mess with the code anymore without

You can enter bug reports and feature requests at the project website:


README - this readme file
fixedpoint.py - the FixedPoint module itself
libfixedpoint.tex - LaTex documentation 
test_fixedpoint.py - unit tests for regression testing

examples - a folder of sample code containing:

    FPBench.py - a benchmark program, timeing various FixedPoint operations
    roundingsample.py - a small demo, showing what can be done with rounding

Doug Fort <dougfort at dougfort.net>

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