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Thu Oct 31 00:44:16 CET 2002

Hi Henk,

One problem we have is that we haven't been able to access variables of the
host application. I was wondering if you have managed to achieve this within
your development. My understanding is that, if the scriptinterpreter comes
across a variable it doesn't understand it fires it to the ActiveScript
engine and the registered engine eg. Python for further interpretation, if
nothing is found then it returns an error. Is this your experience? We have
been testing this using ActiveState Python but have had limited success. 

If you could possible share your experiences or any references, it would be



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>Henk wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there any way to retrieve the name of the running script from
>> within this running script?
>import sys


However, I need to refine my question: my script is launched from
within a C++ app (using IActiveScriptingEngine and that kind of
stuff). Using your solution gives me the exe, not the script name. Any




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