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> $pattern = '|<input(\s+([^=>]*)="([^"]*)")*>|ism';
> i'd like to match all the input tags's but also in a subexpression,
> i'd like to match each of the parameters in the format
> parameter_name="parameter_value"
> where parameter_name and parameter_value are strings
> my pattern doesnt work, it only matches the last parameter, whats
> wrong with my pattern? and can someone show me how one would match my
> description above?
> cheers

Personally I wouldn't even consider using regular expressions for a parsing 
task like this. Try the code below instead:

import sgmllib

class MyParser(sgmllib.SGMLParser):
    def do_input(self, attributes):
        print "Input tag",attributes

if __name__=='__main__':
    data = '''
<input x="1" y="2">
<input p="q" r="s">
    parser = MyParser()

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