Python COM for Microsoft Project (the final solution)

Mike Brenner mikeb at
Mon Oct 28 13:29:45 CET 2002

Mike Brenner >>  ... the code that worked to have a 
>> Microsoft Project file do a SAVE AS tab-delimited text ...
>> My next challenge is to figure out why it is not automatically 
>> choosing the 'Map="Better Task Information". Instead, 
>> it is popping up a window and making the user select it 
>> with the mouse. That is the only remaining barrier to 
>> do a stream 100% automated SAVE AS COM commands.

> If solved kindly help me as well, by telling me also 
> by sharing the solution.

Sorry, I have not solved it in Python. The main engine that
rips the Microsoft Project files is still in Python, 
but when I use it, it pops up boxes we have to click
on each Microsoft Project file:

	- want to save?
	- want to enable macros?
	- which fields to save?

To make this horrible situation a little better, I stopped
using "Better Task Information" and just saved ALL
the task information, so there is only an average of
about 2 pop up windows on each Microsoft Project file.

There was no change when we upgraded to Microsoft Project
2000. If we had some way to decode the object model
better, there might be flags to take care of these
pop-up boxes, but there are literally thousands of 
flags, and little or no explanation of what they do.

Unless someone with better knowledge of those flags
can shed some light on this issue, the next best
hope will be a product Microsoft has announced 
for a July 2002 delivery, but not yet released.
That product is called Microsoft Project 2002 Enterprise.

I am not referring to the existing
Microsoft Project Enterprise, which works the same
was as Microsoft Project 97, 98, and 2000.

When it finally gets released, it might be called
Microsoft Project 2003 or XP or whatever Enterprise.

They announced it would cost $1500 for a 5-seat
license, but did not say what improvements it
would have in access via COM.

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