Python and Informix

Ruediger Soerensen soerense at
Thu Oct 31 15:42:15 CET 2002

Ondrej Krajicek <krajicek at> writes:

> Hello,
> I wonder if anyone uses Python to connect to Informix servers
> (IDS7, IDS9). I plan to use Python in one of my
> projects which involves transfers of modest loads of data
> (personal information of users) from Informix
> into Active Directory. Active Directory bindings
> in Python work quite good (excellent job boys!)
> but what troubles me is the second part of the process,
> the Informix connectivity.
> According to,
> the latest informixdb is from 30 November 1999, which is
> nearly 2 years old. Does it still work ? Has anyone
> any experience with it ? Is it usable for serious work ?
> I'm still looking for some hints, tips or resources.

it works, sort of.

We are using informixdb in a production environment with several
informix server versions (7.xx, 9.xx) on HP-UX, Solaris and Linux
for 2-3 years now.
I had to fiddle around with S. Turner's code to get stored procedures to work,
and Date/Time fields were an issue.
For me, the most difficult work was to compile the whole thing. Still no
luck in producing a thread-safe version of which is
needed for zope.
Turner's code has a surprisingly small footprint and works very well,
I have just finished a script that does about 15000 queries, each of them
returning one row of data. Time needed to execute about 2 minutes.
My knowledge of esql/c is too limited so I cannot help much in
improvement and/or further development.

best regards,

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